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Writing and Training 

Over the years Annmarie has gained experience in content creation, social media moderation  and course facilitation. Add that to the writing and it has given her opportunity to contribute to and support a number of individuals and groups. If you're looking for a speaker, teacher, facilitator, host or writer, she may just be who you need.  

  • Course facilitation (Beginners Creative Writing, Social Media for Beginners, Social Media for Writers)

  • Social Media moderation (Facebook page, Twitter etc)

  • Content creation and editing

But don't just take her word for it - here's what others have said

I attended Annmarie's Social Media workshopy and loved every minute. She was engaging, clear and taught me more in an hour than I've learned in a lifetime. The woman was born to teach and I'd attend another of her sessions in a heartbeat.

Ruth Leigh
Novelist and freelance writer

I could listen to Annmarie all day. She's accessible, clear and knowledgeable and tailors information to the needs of the audience. She's also funny which, for me, is a big plus. Hire her, and let her unravel some SM mysteries for you. 

Fran Hill
Novelist and memoir writer

'The training I did with Annmarie was enormously useful, practical and wise.  It gave me confidence, enabling me to have a go at things and not worry if they didn't work out. It showed me how to develop a posting schedule which was achievable while still having a life! Highly recommended. '

Deborah Jenkins
Novelist and freelance writer

​Annmarie Miles served as a columnist for VOX magazine since the earliest days of our adventure in publishing. 

Annmarie's unique voice and light touch have made her a huge favourite with readers. She has the rare ability to combine comedy and tragedy, the profound and the pragmatic and to do so concisely. . I heartily recommend and commend her as a writer 

Ruth Garvey-Williams
 Editor of VOX Magazine

Annmarie ran a beginner's creative writing course in Lucan Library. She began with a room of strangers and created a supportive and determined group of creative writers - all of whom are keen to continue writing.
Much of this is due to Annmarie's approach and support,

"Annmarie has an enthusiastic and entertaining personality. She is humorous and engaging; whether teaching, writing or talking about writing - it was such an enjoyable experience."

"Annmarie has a special talent not only in writing but in the way she runs a group!!"

Catherine Gallagher
  Senior Librarian, Lucan Library, Dublin

Feedback from Beginner's Writing Course

As well as being a talented writer and musician, Annmarie Miles is an encourager and enabler (especially of writers) and is a patient teacher of information technology.

Susan Sanderson

Catherine Gallagher
  Senior Librarian, Lucan Library, Dublin

Comments from Beginners Writing Course

On Your Marks

Fiction Awards

Highly Commended - Annual Jonathan Swift Creative Writing Award October 2020

Highly Commended - Pontypool Community Council Short Story Competition August 2020

Shortlisted - Annual Jonathan Swift Creative Writing Award October 2018
Shortlisted - Carousel Aware Prize for Independent Authors October 2016
Longlisted - Penguin Ireland/RTÉ Guide Short Story Competition 2014
1st Prize - Newbridge Junefest Miscellany 2014
Runner Up - Tara Sparling Writes Blog competition 2014
Shortlisted - Blog Awards Ireland 2013
4th prize - Skypen 99word flash fiction competition 2013
Shortlisted - Blog Awards Ireland 2012

1st prize - Carousel Creates short piece competition 2012

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