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Books by Annmarie Miles

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December 2019

In the mid 1940s, near the end of the glory days of Amberton Hall, a tragic incident causes the Gatekeeper’s Lodge to be cut from the Amberton Estate and renamed Gorse Lodge. More than fifty years later, Molly Marsden, whose parents once worked in the Big House, is left an anonymous, conditional legacy, the derelict Gorse Lodge. Together with Maggie, a homeless woman who has been in Molly’s life (and kitchen) for as long as she can remember, and Richard, Molly’s friend and colleague, she tries to find her mystery benefactor. Will opening up Gorse Lodge betray her father’s memory or answer her childhood questions?

"Annmarie Miles has a natural talent for story telling. Inside the pages of this novel, she cleverly weaves together an intriguing story about the history that looms inside Gorse Lodge. A fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable read." Louise Hall, author of Pilgrim

December 2018

The much anticipated second collection from Annmarie Miles is finally ready to fall into the hands of eager readers. 
In these new stories you'll find the same charm and humour but there are deeper, darker themes explored this time around. 
There'll be plenty of smiles, some tears and some surprises.

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November 2013

The Long & The Short of it is a collection of stories put together with a range of readers in mind. From the humorous to the heartfelt and the genuinely touching, there is something for everyone.
Whether it's a man struggling with failing memory, a secret benefactor, school bullies or frantic parents - there are no Jack Bauer cliffhangers and no bodice-ripping love scenes; just normal people and everyday situations. As you read you will find yourself cheering for the underdog, empathising with the grief-stricken, rejoicing with the winners and laughing at the mischief-makers.
Ranging from 100 words to 3.5 thousand, The Long & The Short of it is a book of stories you will always have time for.

Contact me for more information about my full writing collection.

5* Amazon Reviews for Annmarie's books

Gorse Lodge
"This is a mystery with a fine set of characters. Very engaging with a surprise ending. I particularly enjoyed the dialogue."

A Sense of the Sea and other stories
"From The Total Eclipse of Little Freddie to Leaving Sarah, the author is a master at conveying human emotion and behaviour.  Honest and crisp writing with a healthy serving of wit makes for a memorable collection. I can't wait for book number three!"

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The Long & The Short ot it.
"Annmarie Miles' stories are part of us all. They are the heroes of our lives who we suddenly recognise as we read (and sometimes reread) her tales."

The Long & the Short of it
"A wonderful collection of treats for the spirit. It's one of those books, that will lure you back time and time again."

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